Or would like to have your tea first?


It was my intention to include a nature walk  as part of the morning routine; I am finding it difficult, however, to work a walk into the morning time slot since my small children move at the rate of molasses. So this week I set aside an entire morning for the singular purpose of a nature walk. We drove down to the preserve, parked, and let the kids loose–which isn’t saying much more than they trailed me by a dozen extra steps.

If pressed, I might admit that this particular day wasn’t the most conducive to a nature walk with small children–it had rained the day before and we were wearing sneakers.  It might have been fine if we hadn’t ventured off the road but we followed our adventurous spirit and a muddy trail instead. By the end of walk we each had our very own pair of mud boots (my littlest could hardly pick up her feet). It was fun. But I’ll be honest, clean up was a pain.


In lieu of a second nature walk last week, we attended a theatrical performance of J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan. It was entertaining, even though (or perhaps especially because) it was a local production. And as one might expect, it was closer to the Disney retelling than Barrie’s original story. (I have been reading the book to my son as an evening read-a-loud and it’s supremely strange.) My son didn’t mind, if he even noticed; He was too busy relishing the adventure.




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